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Client Profile: Why making the switch from a POS-integrated online ordering system made all the difference

December 17th, 2013 Written by Lauren Sudekum |
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Drew Shader, owner of Fat Sully’s New York Pizza, used a POS-integrated online ordering system for over a year to make things easier for his team. “I wanted my team focused on doing their jobs, not worrying about whether or not our online ordering was working,” Drew explained.

But, even with all his good intentions, Drew’s online ordering system wouldn’t work properly. Orders were lost, inaccurate, or the system would crash entirely: “We thought integrating the online ordering with the POS would make things easier and instead it made them way harder because it just wasn’t reliable,” said Drew.

On top of the malfunctions, the customer interface was cumbersome and difficult to use. “It shouldn’t be that hard to order a pizza,” Drew said in reference to the many steps customers were required to go through to place an order.

Drew switched his online ordering straight from POS-integrated to ChowNow. “My favorite part of ChowNow is that we don’t have to think about it,” Drew said. On top of that, Fat Sully’s has never seen more online orders–already up 30% since switching to ChowNow seven months ago. Customers say that the interface is clean and easy to use, which is a big deal for Drew since his demographic is, “all over the place.”

Though Drew didn’t switch to ChowNow to increase orders, he attributes repeat orders for much of the 30% boost. “We couldn’t keep up with the demand even with five phone lines. People are converting to online ordering because it’s easier–they don’t have to wait on hold and can place their order whenever they want,” Drew said. And even with the increase in orders, operations still run smoother with ChowNow than POS-integrated online ordering. Drew says that order inaccuracy as a result of keying in ChowNow orders into the POS isn’t an issue. “We don’t have to think about it, it just works,” Drew explains.

A restaurant owner since he was 21, Drew currently owns Fat Sully’s New York Pizza, Denver Biscuit Company and Atomic Cowboy. Denver Biscuit Company also recently started using ChowNow. Drew plans to open a fourth location soon.

Emily Neudorf

Emily Neudorf

Emily Neudorf is on the Marketing Team at ChowNow and loves architecture, music and of course, discovering great restaurants. She considers Chicago and Los Angeles two of the world’s finest food cities — though the quest is far from over.
Emily Neudorf

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