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Take control with a branded online ordering system, built just for you.

ChowNow Direct allows customers to place orders directly from your website and Facebook page — all for a flat rate.

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Reach new customers, without the third-party commissions.

ChowNow Discover puts your restaurant on the map, so hungry customers craving your cuisine can find you in seconds.


What you get with ChowNow

Online Ordering

Give hungry customers the ability to order directly from your restaurant’s website, Facebook, and Google pages.

Facebook Ordering

Turn social visits into transactions with ChowNow ordering on your Facebook page.

Management Tools

Accept orders and set ready times through your Tablet. Use your Dashboard to update your menu on the fly.

Customer Insights

Access valuable data for every order you receive and get to know your customers better than ever.

Marketing Services

Partner with a dedicated success manager to develop strategies that will drive more online and mobile orders.

Dedicated Support

Reach Support any day of the week, our team is on call and proactively monitoring orders as they come in.

Hear What Restaurants Are Saying About Us

ChowNow creates a dialogue between our restaurant and the guest.

Arthur Mullen, Manager

Our online ordering has increased about 4x in the past 3–4 years and ChowNow has made it easier and more efficient to get orders through. It fits right into the operational flow.

Amber Jamal, Marketing & PR Manager

Life before ChowNow was very chaotic — we got a lot of phone calls, a lot of mistyped orders. So with ChowNow, the ability to see the order directly from the customer makes it so streamlined.

John Sungkamee, Owner

Did You Know
Restaurants that use ChowNow have increased their takeout sales by an average of 20%.

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