The ChowNow Tablet

Your wireless Tablet creates an effortless ordering process, for you and your customers.

No more wondering about wait times

Our system self-generates an email to your customers notifying them of their accurate delivery/take out time.

Replace or complement your current system

Replace or complement your to-go order system with the wireless and paperless ChowNow Tablet.

No WI-FI? No worries

An LTE-enabled Tablet is available for an additional $20/month/Tablet.

The ChowNow Dashboard

It’s the cockpit that controls the whole platform: menus, delivery zones, marketing, and a whole lot more.

Manage your menu

Add, delete or amend individual items, change pricing and add completely new menus like happy hour or brunch.

Set delivery zone(s)

With our Google Maps integration you can create your zone(s) and make a change at any time.

Know your customers

Track important information like most frequent diners, most ordered items and peak order times.

See what’s selling

You’ll track what people order, when and in what quantities.

Make instantaneous changes

Amend a menu permanently or temporarily, add a new delivery location or change your take-out fee with a few clicks.

Push out a deal

Promote a slow-moving menu item or reward loyal customers by creating a deal, redeemable with a self-generated code.

Marketing Tools

Our marketing team will help you develop a strategy that fits your needs.
Our Dashboard will put our tools at your fingertips.


ChowNow processes large orders and gets you paid fast.

Order With Friends

Our Order With Friends tool allows groups to pay separately, but order and eat together. Orders become viral as they're shared through email, text or Facebook.


With our catering platform, large orders are made electronically so there's no room for error. Plus, you set the minimum amount of warning time for your kitchen.

Direct Deposit

ChowNow will deposit all of the proceeds you make through online ordering directly to your bank account on a weekly basis. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
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